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Luther's Works

Publications by Luther 1519

The Leipzig Debate

Gruber 79

Gruber 79.

Gruber 79 Disputatio D. Ioannis Eccii, et pater Martini Luther In Studio Lipsensi Futura. 1519. Basel: Andreas Cratander, 1519. Aland 166; Benzing 349 WA 2.156-161; Luther's Works 31.307-28 (Disputation and Defense of Brother Martin Luther against the Accusations of Dr. Johann Eck. Brother Martin Luther Greets the Worthy Reader). Challenging Karlstadt and Luther to a debate, Professor John Eck of Ingolstadt published twelve theses. Luther's twelve counter theses are displayed in this volume. By the time the debate took place in June/July 1519, each debater had added one thesis. The crucial battle raged over Thesis 13, on papal authority and the jurisdiction of Rome. Disputatio D. Johannis Eccii et P. Martini Lutheri.




Gruber 87

Gruber 87.

Gruber 87 Disputatio excellentium D. doctoru Iohannis Eccii & Andree Carolostadii q cepta est Lipsie XXVII Iunii An. MCXIX (Disputation of the Excellent Doctors) Disputatio secunda D. Doctoru Iohanis Eccii U Andree Carolostadii q[uae] cepit XV Iulii. or III Iulij. Disputatio eiusdem D. Iohannis Eccii & D. Martini Lutheri Augustianiani q cepit IIII Iulii. Erfurt: Matthew Maler, 1519. Benzing 407; WA 2.252; Luther's Works, 31?

After the debate this stenographic report appeared. The anonymous editor justifies publication by insisting that people have the right of free access to the debate.


A Short Instruction about Confession

Gruber 149

Gruber 149.

Gruber 149 Ein kurtz under/weysung wie man beichten/sol: ausz Doctor Marti-/nus Luther Augusti-/ners wolmeinung/getzogen. Colophon: Gedruckt tzu Leyptzt auss vordung Melchior Lotthers. Aland 71; Benzing 284; WA 2.57-58. Eine kurze Unterweisung, wie man beichten soll.








The Gruber Collection was assembled by L. Franklin Gruber, President of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Illinois.

Annotation prepared by Ralph W Klein