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Luther's Works

Publications by Luther 1522

Treatises against King Henry VIII


Gruber 136

Gruber 136

Gruber 136 Contra Henricum Regem Angliae Martinus Luther...MDXXII. Basel: Adam Petri, 1522. Aland 280; Benzing 1226; WA 10,2.175-222. July 15.



Gruber 157

Gruber 157

Gruber 157 Antwort Martini Luther auff könig Henrich von Engellandts büch. Strasburg: Johann Knobloch, 1522. (Luther, Answer to King Henry's Book, 1521) Benzing 1230; WA 10,2.223-262.

Luther showed a shocking impudence toward a crowned head: "That king of lies, King Hank, by God's ungrace King of England."

Sermon on St. Michael's Day

Martin Luther. Sermon on St. Michael's Day (Maywood) 1522.

The Gruber Collection was assembled by L. Franklin Gruber, President of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Illinois.

Annotation prepared by Ralph W Klein