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Other Reformation Era Documents


Gruber unnumbered item  Letter of Philip of Hesse. May 5, 1554.

Gruber unnumbered item Letter of George Spalatin. Leather folder


Gruber 189 Letter of Ulrices Zwingli. 1529. 7 lines


Gruber 68

Gruber 68 Charles V, Emperor of Germany. Warhafftig anzaygung wie Kaiser Carl der fünf ettlichen Fürsten auff dem Reychstag zu Augspurg im MCCCCCXXX gehalten. Regalia und Leben... Augsburg: Philipp Ulhart, 1530. (Click to enlarge thumbnail.)




Gruber 189 Letter by Guillaume Farel to Consuls and Senate of Berne. Latin. December 15, 1531.


Gruber 158 Veit Dietrich. Agend Büchlein für die Pfarherren auff dem Land ( A Little Agenda Book for the Pastors on the Land). Nürmberg: Johan vom Berg und Ulrich Neuber...Anno 1543.



Veit Dietrich Summaria über die gantze Bible (Summary about the Entire Bible).

Gruber 66

Gruber 66 Ulrich von Hutten. Equitis Germani ad Crotum Rubianum in Neminem praefatio.




Bugenhagen's Sermon at Luther's Funeral

Gruber 73

Gruber 73 Johann Bugenhagen. Eine Christliche Predigt uber der Leich und begrebnis des Ehrwirdigen D. Martini Luthers. Wittemberg: Georgen Rhaw, Anno MDXLVI. (Click to enlarge thumbnail.)

A Christian Sermon over the Body and at the Funeral of the Venerable Dr. Martin Luther, preached by Mr. Johann Bugenhagen Pomeranus, doctor and pastor of the churches in Wittenberg.

A translation of this sermon by Professor Kurt Hendel is on the Emory University Library website.



Justus Jonas: On Luther's Death

Gruber 22

Gruber 22 Justus Jonas. Vom Christlichen Abschied aus diesem tödlichen leben... (On the Christian Departure from this Mortal Life) Wittemberg: Georgen Rhaw. Anno MDLVI. Title page missing.



Gruber 35

Gruber 35 Justus Jonas, et al. Vom Christlichen Abschied aus diesem tödlichen leben des Ehrwirdigen Herrn D. Martini Lutheri... Wittenberg: Georg Rhau, 1546.



Johann Stigel:  On Luther's Death

Gruber 78

Gruber 78 Johann Stigel. De Viro Sancto Martino Luthero Purae Doctrinae Evangelii instauratore...Auff das Christliche absterben des heiligen Theololgen Doctoris Martini Lutheri. Durch M. Johannem Stigelium. Vitebergae, MDXLVI.




Gruber 4 Biblia, interprete Sebastiano Castalione...  Basil: Ioannem Oporinum, 1556

Gruber 68 Gruber 4




Martin Chemnitz, Examen of the Council of Trent 1576


Gruber 16a

Gruber 16a. Harmonia Confessionum Fidei... (Harmony of the Confessions of the Faith)   Geneva: Petrum Santandreanum, MDLXXXI (1581). Cf. 17 below under 1586.





Gruber 112

Gruber 112 Martin Chemnitz. A discoverie and batterie of the great Fort of unwritten Traditions: otherwise, an Examination of the Counsell of Trent. London: Thomas Purfoot & William Pounsenbie, 1582.



Gruber 17


Gruber 17 Salnar, ____.An Harmony of The Confessions Of The Faith Of The Christian And Reformed Churches, which purelie professe the holy doctrine of the Gospell...  Cambridge: University Press, 1586. Cf. 16 above under 1581.




Gruber 102

Gruber 102 The History of the Lutheran Church: or, the Religion of our present Sovereign King George...By a gentleman commner of Magdalen-College in Oxford. The Second Edition Corrected. London, 1714.




Gruber 107

Gruber 107 A Biographical and Literary Account of the volume of Religious Instruction for Children usually denominated Cranmer's Catechism...Printed as a Memorial Book for the friends of William Tite and Richard Thomson of the London Institution. London, 1862.


Not adequately identified:

Gruber 189 Fragment of a manuscript by Nicolaus Amsdorrf.

Gruber unnumbered item  Manuscript fragment of Hieronymus Sikiroff 6 lines German


The Gruber Collection was assembled by L. Franklin Gruber, President of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Illinois.

Annotation prepared by Ralph W Klein